Arlington Tow TruckSometimes, the space inside your car is not enough, and you have to attach a trailer for some extra space. You can buy or rent these spaces, and many vehicles are trailer compatible. Once you connect the trailer to your car and do a walk-over around your vehicle, you set out on the road. Somewhere in the middle, you notice your hitch light warming come one and have no idea what that means. 

Why would the tow hitch warning light be on?

Below are some possibilities that could be causing your hitch lights to sound the warning:

  • The trailer is unlocked

All moving and vibrating parts tend to break away from each other, given the slightest chance. So, you can leave your home with the trailer secured on your SUV, but along the road, the hitch connecting your trailer and the car unlocks. This is dangerous because the trailer could go in any direction or cause an accident on the road.

When this happens, you will notice the trailer tow hitch warning light come on, and you need to stop immediately to reconnect your trailer securely to your vehicle.

  • There’s a problem with the lighting connection

Since you attach the trailer to the back of your car, you end up blocking your rear lights. So, you need a trailer that has its lights connected to your vehicle. The turn and brake lights are critical on the road, and you do not want them blocked for any reason. 

However, if you have to experience connecting the two vehicles, you might miss some connections and end up on the road without these crucial lights. If that is the case, you will notice the trailer hitch light warning come on, and you should find the nearest stop to correct this situation.

  • You have excess weight

Some modern vehicles come with systems that help you load only the towing capacity. If you exceed this amount, your hitch warning lights come on to notify you that you are carrying excess weight, which risks damaging your engine, axle, wheel bearings, and suspension systems. 

The solution to this is to shed off some weight.  Or, in some cases, use some techniques to increase your car’s carrying capacity.

Now, is it safe to be on the road with the hitch warning light on?

This question is like asking if it is okay to be on the road with your brake lights on. When you have a trailer on your back, you should immediately attend to the warning to avoid any road accidents. Pull over safely and make sure your light connections are okay and the hitch is connected correctly.

However, there are times when your systems malfunction and the light comes on without any load on your back. In that case, you can go on with your journey without worry. But make a point to schedule an appointment with a mechanic to resolve the issue so that next time you are hauling something on the road, you won’t get false alarms.

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