towing Arlington VAArlington Tow Truck is an incredible option for towing services. We handle everything from the smallest compacts to the biggest lifted pickup trucks. On certain occasions, drivers own vehicles that have special needs. For these instances, Arlington Tow Truck provides customers with our specialized towing service. Specialized towing is the preferred option for medium-sized equipment, antique cars, custom vehicles, luxurious sedans, cruiser motorcycles, and fragile sportbikes. Drivers can rely on us any time they need our specialized towing service. Arlington Tow Truck is the number one specialty towing company in Arlington, Virginia. We are operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including public holidays. Our company also makes payment easy. We accept all major credit cards and provide you with a receipt on location. If you are a specialty vehicle owner that is looking for towing service tailored to your car or motorcycles, Arlington Tow Truck has exactly what you need.


Equipment Towing


Specialized towing is not just used for run of the mill passenger vehicles. Customers can also utilize our specialty service to transport and tow heavy equipment. There is no limit to what we can tow for you, forklifts, bobcats, skid loaders, small excavators, scissor lifts, and much more. Job sites are a hodgepodge of equipment that needs to be dynamically moved in and out. Arlington Tow Truck’s specialized towing is the transport solution that makes logistics easy. With our seamless specialized service you no longer need to stress about moving equipment from one site to the next.


Towing for Antique Cars and Trucks

Arlington towing service

Antiques need the care and knowledge of true professionals. Look no further than the towing technicians at Arlington Tow Truck. We are trained in the precise methods and tactics that can ensure safe and secure towing for all antique cars and trucks. Our tow trucks have special equipment that is made specifically for securing fragile chassis during loading and towing. Customers can take full advantage of our competitive specialty towing rates 24/7. When you use Arlington Tow Truck your antique car is always in good hands.


Motorcycle Towing


Motorcycle owners can rejoice. Arlington Tow Truck has all of your towing needs covered. We are the best choice when you need to tow your heavy cruiser motorcycle or agile sportbike. Our tow trucks carry with them our proprietary steel wheel locks that bolt directly on to the flatbed. The steel wheel locks are totally adjustable and fit any wheel size and wheelbase. Unlike other companies, Arlington Tow Truck’s specialized motorcycle towing is affordable for all customers. We are here to help at any time of day. Call our team when you need us most.


24/7 Emergency Towing


In the case of a breakdown, Arlington Tow Truck has your back. Our offices are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a team of great drivers on call. Arlington Tow Truck makes specialized towing easy and convenient. We are proud to be the number one towing company for the drivers in our community. Contact us by phone or email to learn more about our specialized towing service and receive an instant rate quote.

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