Arlington Tow Truck Will Buy Your Junk Car

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Spring is not the only season where you can do a little cleaning up around the house. Any time of year Arlington Tow Truck will buy your junk car. We haul away your old vehicle and give you a lump sum of cash in exchange. Sound like a good deal? It is! Our appraisal team gives customers the highest cash offer on their old junk vehicles. Our sales process is simple and intuitive. It takes just moments to get started. Call the offices of Arlington Tow Truck to receive your cash offer today! Get that old junker off the driveway or out of the yard, and make some quick money in the process.


We Give The Best Cash Offers!


Arlington Tow Truck’s junk car appraisal process hinges on just a few factors. We are known for our fair evaluation system, which leads to customers getting the best value for their junk cars. The first thing we need to know is the make and model of your car. The market value for each car is different, and understanding what kind of vehicle you are selling is always our first step. Next, our team needs to estimate the condition of your junk car. A car that runs and drives will be worth more than a car that can barely roll. After we have collected all the basic information, we can provide you with an offer.  Arlington Tow Truck works in conjunction with a large group of resellers and salvage yards. Your appraisal expert will allocate your car in its most profitable use, which is why our cash offers are higher than any other company in the area. The appraisal process only takes minutes, pick up the phone, and get your cash offer now!


Free Vehicle PickupArlington Accident recovery


Arlington Tow Truck gives customers 100% free vehicle pick up and tow away. Once customers receive a cash offer, they have 30 days to accept. We know that selling a car is a big decision for most people, and with 30-day standing offers, you have time to weigh your options. After our offer is accepted we move forward by scheduling your free pickup. All pickups are completely free, with no hidden fees. Our removal team will come to your location and get your car loaded on to our tow trucks. You do not need to get your hands dirty. Just show our guys where the vehicle is, and they will get to work.


Instant Cash Payout


After your car is loaded up, there is only one thing left to do, “show you the money!”. We give payouts on the spot and always in cash. Nothing is better than a simple cash exchange. You don’t need to wait for a check to clear or for a transfer to go through. When our tow truck drives away the transaction should be fully completed, as simple as that.


Our process is easy, our offers are competitive, and our money is green. Call Arlington Tow Truck right now and get the ball rolling. You are 3 simple steps from freeing up valuable garage space and putting money in your pocket!

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