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towing company ArlingtonAs one of the top towing companies in the region, the team at Premier Arlington Towing Service has long been the go-to option for all things towing and roadside assistance services. Ever since our company first opened our doors, our team of highly skilled towing operators and super friendly dispatchers have provided Arlington, VA and the surrounding area with one of the best towing services. Whether we were providing towing services or roadside assistance services, when the great people of Arlington saw an Premier Arlington Towing Service tow truck coming their way, they knew they would be in good hands.

So, here is a little more about what our company can offer and more information about how Premier Arlington Towing Service can provide a tremendous towing experience through expertise, a customer-first approach and one of the highest service standards in the state.

Towing Services


Heavy duty towing services

Whether you are driving an 18-wheeler or a charter bus, the Premier Arlington Towing Service team is proud to offer one of the region’s best heavy duty towing services. With our heavy duty tow trucks, we will be on-site in mere minutes and provide you with the type of service you deserve. From working with you to find a local heavy duty mechanic or charging a rate that is pennies on the dollar of the big city firms, our heavy duty towing services are different from the other guys. We do not care if you are an independent operator or a fleet vehicle; our fleet of tow trucks is here to help!

Medium duty towing servicesPremier Arlington Towing Service Arlington VA

The Premier Arlington Towing Service team has the ideal towing solution for you if you are working out of your truck or van these days. Our medium duty towing service is designed to assist those who work on job sites in rural and local spots and need to get back on site as soon as possible. Our fleet of medium duty trucks can be on-site in minutes and have you off to a mechanic to be back on site on time. Whether you are driving a fully loaded work truck or a cube van, our fleet of tow trucks is the solution for any small or medium business that needs towing!

Light duty towing services

We only did light duty towing when we first started Premier Arlington Towing Service. We love the service, and it is still one of our favorite offerings today. With our light duty towing service, we will provide you and your vehicle with a white-gloved approach to towing. There is no hassle, nor is there any headaches, and with Premier Arlington Towing Service, you only get quality towing at a great price. Plus, you will be up and on your way with our response time. So, if you need any consumer vehicle towed, trust the real, local experts at Premier Arlington Towing Service to get it done right and without breaking the bank.

Long-distance towing services

tow truck ArlingtonIf you are looking to move your vehicle across town or the county, it is about time that you called Premier Arlington Towing Service. Since our inception, we have provided long-distance towing and are the local experts in this service. Plus, you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal in terms of overall cost with our rates. We can provide commercial and residential pickups and have guaranteed drop-off times around your schedule with our service. Stop settling for second-rate long-distance towing and save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, by choosing a local company that can deliver like Premier Arlington Towing Service.

Motorcycle towing services

Look, motorcycle towing is an art, and for the team at Premier Arlington Towing Service, we like to think of ourselves as Picasso. We love bikes and saw that Arlington lacked a quality motorcycle towing service, so we thought we would step in. Today, we are proud to offer this excellent service to our community and ensure that those who drive on two wheels have access to the same great towing options as those with four. So, if you need to get your bike to the garage or need it shipped somewhere, let the Premier Arlington Towing Service team handle it. You can experience what a quality motorcycle towing service can be like.

Roadside Assistance Services


Jump start serviceArlington Tow Truck Arlington Virginia

A dead battery is never something fun to deal with, but we make it an absolute breeze for the Premier Arlington Towing Service team. You no longer need to rely on those around you to complete a jump, but instead, you can call the real experts at Premier Arlington Towing Service to get it done. Our tow trucks are equipped with a powerful battery booster to ensure you are jumped in mere minutes. No more trying to remember how to jump a car, and you do not even have to ask a stranger for help. So, if you are dealing with a dead battery, trust the local experts at Premier Arlington Towing Service and their fast and safe jump start service.

Gas delivery service

If you are starting to run on empty, it might be time to call the team at Premier Arlington Towing Service. We have been providing gas delivery service since we opened our doors, and with our great rates, it is no surprise that our gas delivery services are one of our most popular options. When we arrive, we can provide you with two options. Number one, we can fill up your gas tank so you can get back on the road, or number two, where we fill up your tank enough to get to the next gas station. Either way, our drivers will give you a choice and provide you with this excellent service for only a small fee. So, skip the long walk along the highway, and trust the Premier Arlington Towing Service experts to provide a safe and worry-free gas delivery service!

Tire change service

Arlington Tow Truck Arlington VAEveryone will have to deal with a flat tire at least once in their life, and for the team at Premier Arlington Towing Service, we are here for you when you do. Flat tires are a struggle at the best of times, and depending on where you experience one, it might not be a safe spot to complete the work. So, if you are dealing with a flat on the highway or a blown tire on a rural road, you should call Premier Arlington Towing Service. Not only can we provide a safe and efficient tire change service, but with our rates, it is worth having an expert complete the job. So, the next time you are looking for a tire change, stop YouTubing how to change a tire and let the experts around tire irons and jacks go to work at Premier Arlington Towing Service.

Lockout service

Did you know that you no longer need to use a slim Jim or clothes hanger to get you back in your car after a lockout? It is true, and here at Premier Arlington Towing Service, we cannot wait to show you how. With our tried and tested balloon method, we can gain access to your car in mere minutes, and all without so much as a scratch. With our approach, there is no more reason to damage or scratch your vehicle, windows or doors, and in fact, you get to get back in your car in minutes. So, the next time you face a lockout scenario, give the lads at Premier Arlington Towing Service a call and be back in your car and on your way home before the ice cream in your shopping bags can melt.

Accident RecoveryArlington Tow Truck Arlington

Whether you are in a fender bender or something requiring emergency services, the Premier Arlington Towing Service team has you covered for your accident recovery towing needs. We have been the first choice in accident recovery for years and can work with the police and the body shop to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork. Plus, you can focus on getting better instead of dealing with our services’ headache of towing after an accident!

So, whether you are looking for a tow or need some help on the side of the road, the Premier Arlington Towing Service team is here for you. Our fleet of tow trucks has been servicing this excellent community for over a decade, and we cannot wait to help you out. Our drivers are some of the best in the state and can provide a customer-first approach not often seen in the towing industry. Plus, we can ensure that you know when to expect to see our truck coming around the bend with our great dispatchers.

We are also proud to provide all of our services on a 24/7 basis and can be dispatched for both emergency towing and emergency roadside assistance at any time of the day. In addition, we make payments just a little easier for our clients and accept cash and all major credit cards. So, if you are looking for towing in and around the great city of Arlington, then it is about time you called the best towing service in eh city at Premier Arlington Towing Service.

Premier Arlington Towing Service

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