Arlington, Virginia is home to around 240,000 people. It is a thriving and bustling community and there are many fun things to see and do throughout the area. If you live in Arlington, you may find yourself wanting to get out and explore some of the other regions around you. Arlington is situated in a great location for exploring many other interesting cities. If you have been looking for some ideas of places to visit that are not too far away, then we may have some ideas for you. Below, you will find a few different ideas of places that you can easily visit in a day. With just a short commute time, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore new areas, all within an afternoon.

As you know, Washington, DC is just a few miles away. Washington is filled with interesting things to see and, even if you have been there before, you will probably still find new places to explore in the area. The Smithsonian museums are certainly a treat for when you are in the DC area. There are so many of them to explore, and even if you have visited all of them before, you are sure to find neat things to learn in the museums another time around the area. In addition to the museums, the National Zoo is another great place to spend some time, as well as meandering around the many memorials around Washington, DC. Live entertainment is a constant in the city, as is wonderful dining options and outdoor places to enjoy.

Another city that you might want to visit is Annapolis, Maryland. Located just about an hour’s drive from Arlington, is this quaint and historic city. Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland. The downtown area is very walkable, with plenty of history to explore. There are many boutiques to peruse and delectable restaurants from which to choose, also. This waterfront city is a real gem and is an easy day trip from Arlington. Annapolis is located in the northeastern direction away from Arlington.

In the northwestern direction from Arlington, is the attractive city of Frederick, Maryland. Frederick is also just about an hour’s drive from Arlington. This picturesque community offers museums to explore, outdoor recreational activities to engage in, and a fun historic downtown area to enjoy. There are many local shops and dining destinations for you to checkout, as well as local breweries and wineries, too. Frederick is also home to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, which can be an interesting place for history buffs to explore.

There are many other interesting places to venture to, that are easily accessible from Arlington, Virginia. The mountainous region of northern Virginia is definitely an attraction, as well as the easily accessible area of the coastal cities. When you live in Arlington, you have the best of everything; from mountains to coastline, to city life and to country living, too. With so much to explore within an easy drive, it may be challenging to decide where you want to explore first. The choices are vast and varying!

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